Top-Tier CE Companies Sidestep UWB

WiHD | Wednesday, November 1st, 2006 | No Comments »

A consortium of top-tier CE companies announced their entry into the wireless high-definition content space on Tuesday with a new specification called “WirelessHD.”

Set to be completed in spring 2007 — and with samples and prototypes likely appearing later that year — the forthcoming wireless specification is being supported by top-tier companies including LG Electronics, Matsushita Electric (Panasonic), NEC Corporation, Samsung Electronics, Sony Corporation and Toshiba Corporation. Each, according to the newly formed WirelessHD special interest group, will be contributing in either a direct or complementary way to the forthcoming format.

The underlying technology for the new specification is being produced by a startup called SiBEAM, Inc., a Sunnyvale-based company that develops high-speed wireless platforms and that recently has been focusing specifically on the 60-GHz “millimeter-wave” technology that is being used in accordance with the 802.15.3 Task Group 3c specification.

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