Another Contender Looks Good for Wireless HD®

WiHD | Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 | No Comments »

Another Contender Looks Good for Wireless HD

With digital high definition TV (HDTV) now becoming firmly entrenched in consumer’s living rooms and the battle is engaged for which wireless technology emerges victorious in the next frontier in wireless video networking.

The demand for wireless video networks only increases as large flat screen TVs are destined to hang on walls and not sit in entertainment units. Without the benefit of a professional install, what are homeowners to do with all those unsightly wires? With the proliferation of DVRs, gaming consoles, attached storage and other devices, there’s also probably a growing need for more flexible placement in multiple locations. These scenarios naturally cry out for wireless in-room solutions that can zing your content around from any and all digital toys at very high data transmission rates. More…

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