Panasonic stunning Viera now in the UK

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Showcasing much of their high end TV technology for 2009, the Panasonic Z1 Plasma series is packed full of innovative features including wireless HD.

The TX-P54Z1E can transmit a full 1080p HD signal from its tuner box and also supports the Viera Cast feature wirelessly. Working in conjunction with Amazon’s video-on-demand services the Z1 can stream High Definition movies and access Picasa, YouTube, and weather services.

By reducing power consumption by up to a half, NeoPDP technology on the TX-P54Z1E could give plasma screens a new lease of life. NeoPDP technology not only reduces power consumption but produces slimmer, lighter screens, with improved picture performance.

Coming in at a svelte like 1in thick, the Z1 also features Panasonic’s 600Hz Sub-field Drive, a claimed contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, THX sound certification along with 4 HDMI inputs and SD memory card compatibility.

600Hz Sub-field Drive increases the rate at which plasma pixels refresh to improve High Definition motion tracking. It is worth noting that the figure is not directly comparable to an LCD refresh rate.

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