WirelessHD Newsletter Nov 09

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Greetings from the WirelessHD® Consortium

Those of us in the consumer electronics, mobile, and computing industries understand the need to constantly deliver new features and functionality to our customers. One of the most desirable features for consumers living the High-Definition lifestyle is transitioning to wireless connectivity for their audio and video entertainment without sacrificing the quality and performance they’ve come to expect.

Introducing WirelessHD – the industry-backed technology that provides a unified standard for the next generation technology for CE equipment, personal computing and portable devices that is 20x faster than today’s wireless. Based on 60GHz, WirelessHD technology delivers the best consumer viewing experience with lossless HD video, multi-channel audio, intelligent format and control data, and Hollywood-approved security allowing consumers to eliminate video and audio cables, dramatically simplify home theater system installation. WirelessHD lets users create a wireless video area network (WVAN) that can be controlled by the regular remote control that comes with the TV.

WirelessHD products from leading brands like Panasonic and LG are in the market today, with more products on the way. More and more companies are choosing to participate in the WirelessHD movement, and we’d like you to consider joining us.  That’s why we’re reaching out to you to introduct you to WirelessHD.

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