Manufacturers – con’t.



WirelessHD offers the following benefits to manufacturers and their customers:

  • Based on 60GHz millimeter wave technology that is 20x faster than today‚Äôs wireless LAN technologies.
  • Delivers a unified, industry-supported standard for the next generation wireless technology for CE, PC and portable devices.
  • Delivers the best consumer viewing experience with lossless HD video, multi-channel audio, intelligent format and control data, and Hollywood-approved security.
  • Allows consumers to eliminate video and audio cables, dramatically simplifying home theater system installation.
  • Enables users to create a wireless video area network (WVAN) that can be controlled by the regular remote control that comes with the TV.

Please take advantage of the following resources to learn more about WirelessHD:

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Detailed Specification Overview (PDF) (link to existing PDF on site)

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