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Panelists: Quality of Wireless Preventing True In-Home Networking

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TruLink™ 60GHz WirelessHD Kit was named a winner in the Network Products Guide Reader Trust Awards

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A Cheaper Way to Watch HD Wirelessly – GigaOm

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I’ve written alot about watching HD video without wires, but most of the time it was in response to the latest company trying to push a whole-room wireless video network, either through Wi-Fi or through a newly developed standard called WHDI. In the last few months televisions and devices that allow you to wirelessly transmit video to those televisions have started hitting the market, which had me wondering what was happening with WirelessHD, the standard that uses 60 GHz spectrum to do point-to-point wireless HD video transfer.

By next spring you’ll be able to check it out for yourself, according to John LeMoncheck, president and CEO of SiBeam, a semiconductor maker set to be the first company with WirelessHD-certified chips on the market. He declined when we met recently to tell me which electronics makers would offer WirelessHD first, but executives from Samsung and Panasonic have pushed the standard in speeches at trade shows. Other members of the WirelessHD consortium include, LG, Sharp and Sony. So WirelessHD may be later to market than others, but it’s coming — and what it offers is compelling.

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CE’s wireless Babel: Connectivity strategies are all over the map – EE Times

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